2006 Atlantic Boating Almanac: Volume 1 – Maine to Cape Cod



The Atlantic Boating Almanac consists of five regional volumes, the Pacific Boating Almanac consists of three volumes, and there is one volume that covers the Gulf of Mexico (there are seven in all in the annual series). The seven regions are: Maine to Cape Cod (Vol. 1), Cape Cod to Sandy Hook, N.J. (Vol. 2), N.C. & S.C., GA, & Bermuda (Vol. 3), Florida and The Bahamas (Vol. 4), The Gulf of Mexico, Southern California & Mexico, Northern California & the Delta, and The Pacific Northwest (Vol. 1). The Almanacs contain various data which the recreational boater is required to keep on board their vessel at all times. This information includes the latest Coast Pilot, Tide & Current Tables, First Aid, Electronics, Navigation and Safety, Weather, and Yacht Club Burgees. These editions are updated and published annually. 6″ x 9″.

[ISBN: 1-57785-700-3]

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