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Chyna Sea Ventures

2024 Waggoner Current Atlas Tables

2024 Waggoner Current Atlas Tables

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For Use with the Canadian Current Atlas

If you use the Canadian Hydrographic Service Canadian Atlas of Tidal Currents -Volume 3, then you need the 2024 Waggoner / Ports and Passes Current Atlas Tables. This handy publication directs the user to the correct current chart in the Canadian Atlas of Tidal Currents - Volume 3 for every hour of every day throughout the year. Without the Current Atlas Tables, one must use a complicated nomogram and the tide tables for Point Atkinson to figure out which current chart is applicable at any given time. This little book is a must for skippers operating in the San Juan or Gulf Islands or in the Strait of Georgia and eastern Juan de Fuca Strait.

Publisher: Chyna Sea Ventures
Publication Date: Nov-1-2023
Edition: 2024
Pages: 12
ISBN: 9781987994360
Binding: Perfect Binding

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