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Age of Cunard by Daniel A. Butler

Age of Cunard by Daniel A. Butler

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The Cunard Line changed the world. It transformed the flow of European emigrants to America from a trickle into a flood, altering the face and character of two continents; at the same time it propelled shipbuilding and engineering to feats of construction and production that had never before been imagined, spurring them to become the driving forces behind the dynamics of Victorian Britain, ushering in an era of social, economic and political progress on a scale never before seen. It would be an exciting, sometimes tumultuous, occasionally troubled, story. The Line would face showdowns with rivals at home and abroad, some explicitly dedicated to driving Cunard from the North Atlantic. It would endure the carnage of two World Wars, and in the Second provide the Allies with a margin of victory in Europe. And when, with the dawning of the air age, the demand for the services that Cunard had provided for more than a century ceased to exist, the company successfully reinvented itself to adapt to the world of cruising, so that when it could no longer fulfill a need, it satisfied a desire. Filled with glamorous and fascinating passengers and crewmen sailing aboard some of the most beautiful and famous ships ever to put to sea, and written by one of the outstanding maritime authors of our day, The Age of Cunard is the definitive telling of the greatest sea story of all time. Author: Daniel Allen Butler. 7" x 10". Hard cover with dust jacket.

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