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Don't Smoke The Joists!

Don't Smoke The Joists!

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Meet Max the mad plumber; Phinny the blind tile man, Jesses the good hearted but gullible general contractor; and Brutus the voracious and mischievous house monster. Don't Smoke the Joists: The Wit and Wisdom of Home Remodeling, written by Susan D. Artof, is a sharp-witted contemporary commentary about our consumer oriented 

"baby boom" generation's pursuit of the perfect purchase. 


Don't Smoke the Joists  is written as a series of vignettes surrounding the author's home remodeling experiences. The reader will not only share in the unexpected surprises of what it is like too rip off a roof in the middle of the rainy season, but will laugh at the humorous laws of construction mentality. 


"No one was able to really tell me what it was like to add a second story top an old house when I asked them," says the author. "You have to be flexible and keep a sense of humor."


Don't Smoke the Joists is filled with anecdotes and characterizations which will leave the reader laughing out loud.

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