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Limited Master Mate & Operator License Book 4

Limited Master Mate & Operator License Book 4

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Edited by Richard A Block 

The Limited Master, Mate, & Operator home study course is broken into sections according to licenses sought. Books 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 prepare candidates for US Coast Guard endorsements up to 100 gross register tons (GRT). Candidates seeking larger tonnage endorsements (Up to 1,600 GRT or 3,000 tons ITC) must also study subjects in Books 6 and 7.

Book 4 Covers:

  • Chapter 21: Weather Systems and Forecasting

  • Chapter 22: Reference Publications

  • Chapter 23: Aids to Navigation

  • Chapter 24: Electronic Navigation

  • Chapter 25: Radar Observer Certificate

  • Chapter 26: Chart Navigation

  • Chapter 27: Principles of Magnetic and Gyrocompasses

The Limited Master, Mate & Operator consists of seven books:

All students must also study the RB-169 Navigation Rules.

Title: Limited Master Mate & Operator License Study Course Book 4, Revised Edition "K"
Editor: Richard A Block
Publisher: Marine Education Textbooks
Published: February 15, 2015
Edition: Revised Edition "K"
Pages: 332
Product Code: BK-M004
Binding: Spiralbound
Series: Limited Master Mate & Operator License Study Guide

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