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Nudibranchs of Southern Africa

Nudibranchs of Southern Africa

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Nudibranchs of Southern Africa: A Guide to Opisthobranch Molluscs of Southern Africa by Terrance Gosliner.

The South African coasts have everything to offer the student of mollusks. Opisthobranch specialists, especially, have been attracted to the area throughout the century. To the professional biologist, the opisthobranchs represent an interesting evotionary offshoot of the Mollusca, in which the precarious balance between the hard and soft body parts has become heavily tlted in favor of the latter.

This book stands as a landmark in the progress of the subject, with its magnificent color photographs from life and its completely authoritative text.

About the Author: Terry Gosliner has been studing opisthobranch gastropods for over twenty years. He is internationally recognized authority on the classification and evolution of opisthobranchs molluscs, having published over forty scientific papers on their systematics.

ISBN 90-04-08420-7

Soft Cover, 4/Color

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