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Pacific Seaweeds by Louis Druehl

Pacific Seaweeds by Louis Druehl

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Pacific Seaweeds, written by Louis Druehl, a marine botanist, is the authoritive guide to over 100 common species of seaweeds that occur along the Pacific coastline from southeast Alaska to central California. With line drawings and vivid color photographs, this easy to use book thoroughly documents every aspect of seaweed life, from species identification and seaweed biology, to the essential and often surprising roles seaweed plays in the marine ecosystem and our everyday lives.

Clear and informative, and packed with comprehensive scientific information, interesting facts, further readings and even an assortment of tasty seaweed recipes. This unique guidebook will appeal to marine biologist, amateur beachcombers and everyone in between.

ISBN 1-55017-240-9

Soft Cover 8.5 x 5.5, 4/color insert

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