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Reef Sharks and Rays of the World by Scott Michael

Reef Sharks and Rays of the World by Scott Michael

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Reef Sharks and Rays of the World: A Guide to their identification, behavior, and ecology.

This book describes 120 species of sharks and 112 species of rays from around the world that could be encountered near rocky reefs and coral reefs. The author has attempted to include underwater or aquarium photographs of the majority of these species: in some cases the photographs of live specimens have never been published before. Information is also presented on the behavior and ecology of reef sharks and rays. This includes notes on depth range, foo habits, social behavior, behavior towards divers, and aquarium care.

About the Author: Scott W. Michael has been obsessed with eleamobranchs since the age of twelve, after encountering his first shark in a public aquarium. While still in high school he studied the food habits of sharks in the Gulf of Mexico, and has since conducted shark and ray research in the Sea of Cotez, Australia, and New Zealand. He is a member of the American Elasmobranch Society, and currently leads dive trips, dubbed Shark Safaris, which give divers the opportunity to observe and learn more about these fascinating animals.

ISBN 1-57785-538-8
Soft Cover, 9 x 7, 4/color, 110 pages

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