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Sailing Handbook: A Parent's Guide to Junior Sailing, by Susan D. Artof

Sailing Handbook: A Parent's Guide to Junior Sailing, by Susan D. Artof

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SAILING: A Parents GUIDE to Junior Sailing is lively and topical with special sections written by experts focusing on program safety, sportsmanship, physical fitness and sports psychology. Chapters explain the special vocabulary of sailing, equipment needs and the national sailing organizations. Parents will learn about the world of both the recreational and the racing sailor. No other book has attempted to collect so much information which parents should know and understand in order to help their children achieve their best in the intricate world of sailing.

In addition, the often complex world of sailing organizations such as local, regional associations and US SAILING as a governing agency, is discussed. In other words, besides the on the water fundamentals, a parent needs to understand and interpret the often confusing world of sailing in order to encourage a safer and more rewarding experience for their child. This book accomplishes just that.

About the Author: Susan Artof has a Masters in Psychology and sailed for over 25 years in Marina Del Rey spending many years as a junior program chairman at DRYC and eventually a yacht club commodore of Westlake Yacht Club. Susan has worked with junior programs of clubs throughout Southern California and is recognized for her expertise in program management. In addition, she taught psychology at Santa Monica College for 23 years and earned all but her dissertation in Early Childhood Education at U.C.L.A. But what makes her an expert in junior sailing is that she is a parent of two sailors and has watched from the docks as her children mastered the sport. She feels the same mixture of pride and anxiety as any reader of this book.

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